Rates and Fees

Most consumers are unaware of just how rates and terms can benefit you as a consumer. You are unaware because so few in the business will properly educate you on exactly how it all could work to your benefit. It seems more and more are simply interested in how it could benefit them in terms of compensation.

Most times you as a consumer will be charged an Origination Fee that will make up a small part of your closing costs. What many consumers don’t understand is that the banks will pay back a percentage in rebates or Yield spread Premium (YSP) on a given rate. That Yield Spread Premium should be used to cover as many of your closing costs as possible. Many times this YSP will go in to your mortgage loan officer’s pocket in the form of compensation.

When you work with California Lending we will show you a set of rates and the benefit to you for each rate available. This will allow you to select the rate that best fit for your needs. By using this tactic your closing costs can be drastically reduced to better serve your needs as a client.

If you are ready to take advantage of my Affordable Lending Practices do not hesitate. Compare our services with your current lender and you will soon realize the value of our services.