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Mortgage and Department of Real Estate License

Over that last few years many needed changes have taken effect in the Mortgage lending field. One of the biggest changes to take effect was the restrictions placed on Loan officers. It is now mandatory for your loan officer to be listed on the National Mortgage Lending Service registry. (NMLS)

This requires many hours of training and certified continued education to become licensed with this governing body. It is now mandatory that your lender hold a National Mortgage loan originators endorsement.

For many years prior to 2010 anyone could come in to the business and call themselves a Loan officer while working under a licensed person. Back then the licensed person only had to hold a current Department of Real Estate (DRE) license. Using this practice allowed many people to profit on unsuspecting consumers that otherwise would not or should not been allowed to be in the business.

To obtain your NMLS license you must pass a criminal background check, Pay licensing Fees and associated costs, have a satisfactory individual credit report, Take and Pass a State and Federal required test at an authorized testing center.

I am proud to display both my NMLS and DRE numbers below.

Daryl Gene Roe

  • NMLS# 291291
  • DRE# 01763653

Feel free to verify my or your current loan officers NMLS and DRE numbers here. If your Loan Originator is not listed he or she is acting against the law.

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